Using YouTube…


One of my students told me the other day that he wanted to be a You Tuber” when he grew up.  Is that a job now?  I guess it is.  I told him that I would definitely subscribe to his YouTube channel when he grew up.  I’m sure he will have one by the time he is in high school.  We use YouTube in the classroom all the time!  We watch stories, listen to music while we work, dance for movement breaks, and connect with  “You Tubers” who want to sharing their knowledge with us.  Today we watched a video about the states of matter.  The kids are very excited to be scientists!  The link to our video from Crash Course Kids is linked below.

Looking Up Close

IMG_7701                                           IMG_7698

Have you taken a close look at something lately?  We mean really close.  Today we investigated what things looked like close up with a microscope and magnifying glasses.  The sand from Mrs. Didyk’s beach at her cottage was a big hit to look at under the microscope.  “It looks like crystals!”  “I can’t believe it!” were just a few comments heard.  Our grade 3/4 buddies joined us and they loved experimenting with us.  It tied into their unit on rocks and minerals.  The super kids wanted to share this exciting day with everyone!

Have you read today?

IMG_7696 IMG_7697

Have you read today?  The class is very excited to start our home reading program.  Each night they take home a book at their reading level to read with their families.  They then return their book to school the next day and read it with a partner.  We are practicing “EEKK”, which means elbow to elbow, knee to knee.  The energy in the room during this time is wonderful!  They are so eager to share their story with a partner.  Our grade one friends are working on using picture cues and stretching out the sounds.  Our grade two friends are working on chunking the word and asking themselves what makes sense.  We hope everyone takes some time to read today.  It could be a book, magazine, newspaper or maybe even some other blogs.  Happy reading!

Visitors From All Around The World and Movement Breaks


Our class is excited to have so many visitors from all around the country and the world already! We have gotten messages and notices from Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Niagara Falls, Hollywood Florida, Singapore and Perth Australia.  Thank you for leaving such kind messages.  The kids love when I read the comments to them during our morning meeting.  We also check our map of visitors and get very excited when we see a different country or city.  Today we decided to map them!  It started a wonderful discussion about our world and geography.  All this learning and it has only been seven days!  Thanks again for helping us connect to our world.



Everyone needs a movement break to get the wiggles out.  Who doesn’t like dancing or singing along to a song?  Youtube “Just Dance” videos are our favourite.  It is a great time to get silly and move our bodies.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


The Super Kids!

International Dot Day

dot dot3   dot2

Have you heard of “International Dot Day”?  Our class celebrated this special day by reading “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds.  The day was created to celebrate his book and the fact that everyone can make their own mark in the world.  We created three types of art today!  We used pastels and water colour for one of our pieces.  The students used tempera and circles for another.  Then we decided to paint our window with dots too!  It was a day full of art.  I overheard one conversation between one of my new grade one friends and a grade two students.  It summed up the day perfectly…

Student 1 – “I’m not a good artist.”

Student 2 – “Everyone is an artist.  You just have to try.”


Watermelon Science

What a busy first couple of days!  The class is getting to know each other. It is wonderful to see my grade two students taking a leadership role with my grade ones.

Have you ever heard of watermelon science?  We had a blast guessing how much the watermelon weighed.  Two students actually guessed right. One student yelled,”I was actually right! That’s nuts!”  We then decided to guess if the heavy watermelon would sink or float.  Half of the class thought it would sink and half thought it would float.  Lastly, we decided to see how many watermelon seeds would be in a piece of watermelon.  That was MESSY! Lots of laughter and lots of fun.  Of course we had to eat it too!  I wish I had a picture to share.  I was to busy having fun with the kids that I didn’t even grab my phone.  Now I have a craving for some watermelon…

Opening Day Conferences

Today I got to meet my students and families.  It was wonderful to see everyone so excited to start our year together.  We have a theme this year about how everyone has a super power.  We are all great at something and can teach each other amazing things.  To put us in the mood for our super hero theme I created a photo booth!  Here are a few of my families.  They were such great sports.  First day of school is tomorrow!


IMG_7625 IMG_7615 IMG_7632