Genius Hour/Passion Projects

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The Super Kids are back in the swing of things and are excited to start “Genius Hour”.  Each Friday  we will be spending one hour on our passion projects.  Every child has questions and things that they are wondering about.  Why is the sky blue?  How are fossils made?  How many people live on our planet?  These were a few questions that the class came up with this morning.

The idea of “Genius Hour” is to give each child the opportunity to learn about a topic that they are passionate about.    It is a time when they can get creative and share their knowledge with others.  After talking about this today, the Super Kids couldn’t contain their excitement.  One kid said  “You mean we can learn about anything? I have so many questions I can’t pick! ”  I explained that they don’t have to just pick one.  Students will probably make a few projects over the rest of the school year.  Some of the Super Kids couldn’t wait and started during choice time today!


The Super Kids will be sharing their knowledge with the rest of the class by presenting their projects in whatever form they come up with.  I have a request for poster paper and paper mache materials already!  I can’t wait to see what the class comes up with.  Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Genius Hour/Passion Projects

  1. Dear Super Kids,
    I am so excited to hear about your projects. I can’t wait to see how you investigate your questions. Please invite me to your project presentations.

    Mrs. Cormack

    1. We were so excited to see your comment today Mrs. Cormack. We would love to have you visit us when we have some presentations ready!
      The Super Kids

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