First Day Of Genius Hour!


Genius Hour  started in our classroom today and you would think that I told them that everyone was getting a pony!  The excitement in the room was amazing!  Once we all got logged into the computers (it takes awhile) the kids were exploring websites, looking at videos and picking their topics.  “What are you passionate about?”  That was a hard question for some of the Super Kids.  So I phrased it a little differently. “What do you wonder about?”

Next week we will be focusing on how we can research using computers and books.  Pictures tell us so much even if we can’t read the words.  There definitely are some common topics so far in the classroom.  There is a dinosaur group, a space group, ocean animals group, and some kids that are on their own asking some big questions.

Many want to take their research home with them.  So families, don’t be surprised if your child asks to borrow the computer or asks for some help on a topic.  I encourage you to talk about their questions and get excited with them!

I loved seeing the Super Kids excited about learning!  What a super Friday.

Mrs. Didyk

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