Field Trip and Passion Project Presentations

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All four multiage 1/2 classrooms from our school went to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra yesterday! Thank you Ms. Lawrence (aka our amazing music teacher) for organizing this for us.  The WSO performed and took us on a trip around the world with the help of the funny host Mr. Mark and his friend Manny Tuba.  The Super Kids thought it was hilarious that his name was Manny Tuba and we live in Manitoba!  Dancers, singers, and even an acrobat on the “silks” performed with the Symphony.  It was great to see the class dancing in their seats and waving their hands like they were conducting.


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We had our first three passion project presentations this week.  The kids loved learning about dolphins, icebergs and monarch butterflies.  These three kids inspired the rest of the class and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the class comes up with.  Stay tuned!

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