Today we transferred many of our caterpillars to their butterfly home.  The caterpillars that have started the metamorphous stage and are now in a chrysalis, have been safely placed where they can hatch.  We are so excited to watch the process.  Today we recorded our observations in our journals.  One chrysalis was shaking so much we had to make a video!  We thought it might fall off the lid.  We learned through our research that the caterpillar is now a pupa and it shakes when it’s body is changing. Check out the video below.




Raising Painted Lady Butterflies!

IMG_9597      IMG_9577

This week the Super Kids were very excited to welcome new guests to our classroom…..caterpillars!  We are learning about life cycles in our science unit and what better way to learn about them then to witness the process first hand.  The caterpillars are already growing and we can’t wait to see how big they are after the long weekend.  Some have already shed their skin for the first time.  The arrival of our new friends has started lots of conversations about bugs and insects.  We plan to change our classroom from a rainforest into a garden full of bugs!  I have a feeling we will have lots of visitors from the playground joining us for some time in our science center.


IMG_9573        IMG_9569


Many of the Super Kids have finished their rainforest animal research projects.  Some need a little more time to complete it.  Our projects have a table of contents, a glossary, diagrams and our research webs!  One Super Kid even added an index just for fun!  We have become non-fiction writing experts.  The picture below show some of us reading our fascinating books.  They are in our classroom library to share with each other.

IMG_9566 IMG_9565

May long weekend is almost here!  We are very excited to enjoy the warm weather.  We’ve been dancing up a storm to the new Justin Timberlake video “Can’t Stop The Feeling”.  I record our moves, but can’t seem to upload the video.  I’ll keep trying and hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out.  Stay tuned.  The video is so great!  In the meantime I’ve attached the YouTube link for the actual music video, if you need a movement break too.  You can’t help but dance.


Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


This week the Super Kids learned about the artist Claude Monet and created Mother’s Day artwork inspired by his work.  The class learned that he is considered the founder of the impressionist art movement.  What does that mean?  We wondered the same thing.  Impressionism is creating artwork that focus’ on the way light affects nature.  Monet was known to paint the same scene at different times of the day and in different seasons.  We studied Monet’s “A Bridge Over Pond With Water Lilies”.  We noticed the way Monet painted light in the pond.


We created our own ponds with bridges by using oil pastels, water colour paints, and salt.  The salt gives the piece the impression of light.  We put them in frames for our Moms.  We hope you like them!

IMG_9316 IMG_9315 IMG_9314

We were asked to speak at the school wide assembly this past Monday.  We performed a poem and talked about our Earth Day challenge.


Our class is representing our school at the divisional art show this week.  We are very proud to showcase our work and share it with other members of the school division.

IMG_9331 IMG_9329

Have a nice night!

Grandparent’s Day

Last Wednesday, our school had lots of visitors!  Many grandparents joined us for senior’s day.  We had 20 grandparents join our classroom throughout the day.  The Super Kids were very excited to show our guests how our classroom works.  The class came up with questions they wanted to ask our guests about school when they were kids.  School has changed a lot!  One grandpa told us about getting the strap, another talked about sitting in rows, and another told us about always needing to be quiet.  How times have changed.  One of the Super Kids said, “I don’t understand, learning is quiet.”  🙂


IMG_9267      IMG_9264

Our guests joined us for math time.  We were eager to share some of the math centres that we use during guided math time in our classroom.  We also read with our grandparents and shared our rainforest play with them!  Our guests joined us for Music and Phys. Ed too.

IMG_9275   IMG_9274IMG_9272

Miss. Phillips, our student teacher, had her last day with us.  We wish her all the best as she continues her education to become a teacher.


This week we will be making our Mother’s Day projects.  I can’t tell you to much because it is top secret!  I will just say that I always think the best gift from a child is art.  😉