Senior’s Day

Our school was full of very special guests this week…our grandparents! We welcomed them into our classroom and shared with them how school has changed from what they remember.  Thank you to all of our guests who jumped in and participated in math games, movement breaks, buddy reading, music and so much more.  Not all of the Super Kids had grandparents that were able to make it, so our guests were kind enough to participate in activities that included everyone in our class.


One of the math stations was showing our guests how to code with the Kodable app on the iPad.  Our guests were so excited about this station.  One grandma told me that she was going home and getting the app on her iPad.  It wasn’t just for her grandchild either, she wanted to learn too!

We performed our reader’s theatre play to our special audiences both in the morning and in the afternoon.  The Super Kids did an amazing job.  They spoke clearly and had the play down pat!  All that practice payed off. 🙂

It’s always a special time when kids read to their grandparents.  Their eyes light up and everyone is engaged in the book.  We shared the process of buddy reading, how we pick good fit books, and then took some time to cuddle up and read.



I hope everyone who was able to join us enjoyed their time in the Super Kid’s classroom!

What is Pop Art?  How is it different from other art styles we’ve learned about this year?  Those were a few questions that started our art inquiry into Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein this week.  We took a look at some of their pieces and discussed what we noticed.


Andy Warhol

We used the website from Queensland Art Gallery in Australia to learn more about Andy Warhol.  The website had great interactive games that introduces kids to artists including Andy Warhol.


Roy Liechtenstein was another pop artist.  He is also called the “Super Hero” artist because a lot of his art looks like comic books.

We combined our knowledge of both these artists to create our own pop art using bubble wrap and apples.  Check out our process below.


Important Note:

Two amazing Super Kid artist’s Monet inspired art pieces didn’t make it to the art show!  They fell behind the shelf and I didn’t notice they were missing at the time.  I was putting up all the pieces from the four classes and some how I missed it. 🙁  Mistakes happen and both artists understand.  To make up for this mistake I wanted to highlight them both and share their art with our blogging world.  One of my very understanding students said  “It’s ok Mrs. Didyk.  Adults can make mistakes to.”  🙂



It’s been quite a week, and we still have Friday to go.

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  This week our school participated in a variety of Earth day events.  Students were encouraged to bring litter less lunches, classrooms turned off their lights to participate in Earth hour, and the whole school went out into our community to do a community clean up.  The Super Kids couldn’t believe how much trash we collected!

We took the time to read books, watch videos, and talk about what we can all do to help our Earth.

We also performed our Lorax reader’s theatre for several classes in our school in honour or Earth Day!  The kids did a wonderful job.  Everyone who has seen our play has had lovely things to say.  We can’t wait to share it with our guests on Senior’s day coming up next week.


This weekend our class participated in the annual divisional art show called “Arts In Action”.  The art show is located at The Forks in Winnipeg.  I set up our artwork, along with pieces from the other 1/2 classes to be displayed this weekend.  If you are in the area this weekend, make sure to stop by and admire the amazing work the kids from our school division have done.


Enjoy your weekend. 🙂




Performance Ready!

This week seemed like a really short week.  I was at an inservice at the board office on Monday with teachers from around the province talking about deeper learning and ways that teachers can inspire kids to ask questions.  It was a great day, but with Friday being a holiday, it made our week quite short together.  We made the best of our time and practiced for our reader’s theatre play.  We made Dr. Seuss trees, props, and got our costumes organized.  The kids are working on reading their lines with expression, looking at the audience, and learning when they start without a cue from me.  They couldn’t be more excited about presenting “The Lorax” to our guests on Senior’s day.  We also will be having performances for our 1/2 buddies, 3/4 buddies, and the kindergarten classes in honour of Earth Day.

Next week students are encouraged to bring litter less lunches as the school talks about how we can help our Earth.  Our school will be going out into our community and parks to help clean up our environment later in the week.  An e-mail from the school has been sent out to families with more details on our week of Earth Day activities.


Guided math activities this week focused on fact families and relationships between numbers. Students played guess my number by asking questions to help narrow their possible guesses.  This game is modified depending on the group’s sense of number.  Some students are working on guessing a number between 1-20, 1-50, or 1-100.

What is a cm? This was a question brought up this week by one of the Super Kids.  In the grade 1 and 2 curriculums we explore measurement with non-standard units such as blocks, hands, and even our feet.  I turned the question around and asked the class.  What is a cm?  After a turn and talk, the class decided that a cm was a way of measuring.  Then it was time to get the rulers out and explore what we saw on the rulers.  Why are there two sides? What are the little lines and big lines?  My lesson for our math time was tossed to the side and we dove into our measurement talk.  This is what I love about my job!  Taking those questions that are asked and running with them.  Being able to recognize a teachable moment and exploring it to its fullest.  The picture above is two of my awesome students measuring their heads.  They used one ruler to mark the spot on the other ruler.  My favourite thing they said was “Wow! You have a big head!”  Before I knew it the kids all had a ruler and were measuring thing around our room!

Our classroom library is full of books for the Super Kids to pick from.  I’ve noticed that many students weren’t looking in our some of our book baskets for new reading choices.  I started pulling books from those bins at story time and looking through the bin in front of the students.  I talked though my decision process before picking a book . I wanted to model different ways you can choose reading material such as looking at the cover, reading the back, flipping through the book, and reading the first page.  We have found some great stories that haven’t been read in a while.  I’m now noticing many of my students exploring those bins during read to self time.  I had to snap the picture above.  I just love that his is using the whisper phone to read to himself.  He can read out loud quietly and hear himself over the classroom chatter that can naturally happen.

I wanted to thank our school’s parent council for organizing a wonderful teacher appreciation week for our staff.  I know that many of my student’s parents are a part of this group and provided some of the yummy snacks that were generously given to us.  The staff was invited to a luncheon hosted by our parent council on Thursday.  Thank you very much!  Many of the staff were talking on Thursday about how spoiled we were and how it is nice to be appreciated.  I consider it an honour to be entrusted with your children each day.

For those families that celebrate Easter this weekend, I want to wish you a happy Easter!

I’m sure I’ll hear all about it on Monday from some sugared up Super Kids. 🙂

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break with their families.  The class was excited to share what they did with each other during morning meeting on Monday.  They were thrilled to share their adventures and see each other again.

The students have been learning some new math games together as a whole group and then playing them during guided math time.  These games practice mental math strategies at different skill levels. When students join me for a guided math lesson they focus on developing their number awareness and ability to use a variety of math strategies. You know they enjoy this time when they ask if they can play these games during choice time centres at the end of the day!


We’ve decided to do a reader’s theatre based on “The Lorax”.  The Super Kids are over the moon! Each student has a part that they are busy practicing at school and at home.  Thank you to our families for helping us.  We can’t wait to make props, costumes and perform it for the grandparents that are coming for senior’s day later in the month.  The class started this by reusing our spaceship and turning it into the Once-ler’s house.  We have a tent set up for the young Once-ler’s shop and have a plan to make trees next week.


We have had amazing weather in Winnipeg this week.  Thursday was 15C.  After snack I surprised the class and told them we were heading outside for centres!  Honestly…I needed some fresh air and the kids love having the whole playground to themselves every once in a while. 🙂


Enjoy the weekend.