Last Day

Last day…it is with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to your amazing kids.  I have loved being a small part of their growth and I hope that they’ll remember our time together fondly.  As I leave our school for my new position, please know that I loved being part of this community.  Thank you for entrusting me with your children.  Once my kids always my kids!  Take a look at a few pictures below of our last week together.  Skittles field day and our games afternoon were big hits.  Have a wonderful summer!


Special Times

Its official…we have one week of school left!  This is crazy. NUTS!!!

Looking back on the school year, we have done so many exciting things together, wondered so many questions, found so many answers, and grew as learners throughout the process.  I don’t just mean my incredible students, but I have learned from each and every one of them.

This week is going to be a tough one for me.  I’m not only passing on “my kids” to their next years teacher, but I’m packing up my classroom and moving to a brand new school in our school division.

I’m excited to have this opportunity.  How many teachers can say they’ve been on the staff that opened two school?  With this move comes mixed emotions.  I’ve been at my current school for 16 years!  I know…thats a long time!  I know the kids, parents, families and the community.  I even lived in the community for 5 years at one point.  The school feels like my second home.  I’m going to miss my students, families, colleagues, and friends.  So, needless to say, I’m going to be a blubbering mess this week.  Just thought I’d warn everyone now. 🙂 I’m looking forward to celebrating our time together this week.

This past week we tried to have our last assembly which traditionally has been outside.  We tried…but the rain didn’t hold off and we ended up having to finish it in the gym.  We spend the first 45 minutes outside.  Our music teacher surprised Mrs. Benes and myself with a goodbye song sang by the 1/2 classes.  Yep…bring on the waterworks!


The other day I was at the book store, my happy place, and I saw a wonderful new book I just had to get.  It is called Carson Crosses Canada by Linda Bailey and Kass Reich.


It is about a dog and his owner crossing Canada from BC to Labrador.  Each page tells of their adventures as they stop in each of the provinces.  They even take a swim in Lake Winnipeg!  The class loved it.  What a great book to read around Canada Day!  You never know what you’ll find at the book store!

Stay tuned this week for some posts about our field day, buddy celebrations, and the last day together.  Take care.

Jackson Pollock Inspired Father’s Day Gifts

Happy Father’s Day!  The Super Kids were so excited to create a special art project just for their Dads.  They spent a lot of time creating special cards too.  If you haven’t received your gift…STOP READING NOW!!!!!!  SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!


Have you ever taken a close look at a Jackson Pollock painting?  I had the opportunity a few years ago when I visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  I was blown away by how big his art pieces are!  One piece fills a whole wall in the museum.  Layer after layer of paint that looks like it is moving.  I introduced the class to Pollock’s work earlier this week.  We put on our “artist eyes” and looked at his pieces and describe what we saw.

What do you see when you look at this painting?  The Super Kids saw people, a ferris wheel, hearts, and many shapes.  We looked at several of his pieces.  They truly are “Art in Motion”.

We read the book “Action Jackson” by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan.  We learned that Jackson Pollock lived by the ocean in a small house with his wife and dog.  He loved to go to the small garage on his property which he transformed into his art studio.  He didn’t use watercolour or acrylic paint…he used regular house paint you buy at the hardware store.  If a bug or some change from his pocket fell onto the painting, he would leave it there.  It became part of the art!


I’m sure you can guess what we did next.  We created our own Pollock inspired art pieces for our Dads.  You might have noticed some paint splatters in some our the Super Kid’s hair Wednesday!  They used marbles, flicked their fingers, and splattered paintbrushes to create their masterpieces.



Here are a few of the kid’s creations. 🙂


We continued with our camping theme this week and finished our camping animal research projects.  The class is so proud of their work.  We shared our posters with our 3/4 buddies this afternoon.




Math centres involved many new math games that helps the kids focus on their number sense.  ZAP has become a class favourite!



I can’t believe we only have 10 days of school left!  Enjoy your weekend. 🙂


Hot Week!

This week has been a HOT one in Winnipeg!  As a result, our classroom has been HOT too.  The air conditioning in our section of our school has been broken for a while now and as a result we’ve been pretty sweaty.  Keeping the lights out, using multiple fans, and drinking lots of water has been helping us a lot.  The kids have such a great “go with the flow” attitude.  We’re making the best of the situation. 🙂  You might notice the pictures from this week are a little dark, since the lights have been off.



We are digging deeper into our camping animal projects.  What animals could you see if you went camping?  The Super Kids are excited to learn more together.  As you can see we’ve decided to make project posters to share with our learning buddies.

Have you read “The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do”?  We read it this week and the class loved it.  Lou’s friends want to climb a tree and play.  The problem is Lou can’t climb the tree.  She makes every excuse, but eventually she tries.  She doesn’t make it, but she doesn’t give up.  It led to a great discussion about perseverance.  The kids then did a turn and talk and shared what they can’t do yet, but want to learn how to do.

The “Kids In The Know” program is a series of lessons geared to young kids, that help them understand personal safety.   This week we talked about trusted adults that they can go to for advice.  Below are a few pictures of those special people in the Super Kid’s lives.


We continued lessons on trusting their instincts, the buddy system, as well as keep and speak secrets.  We roll played scenarios and talked about what to do if you have that uncomfortable feeling.  I encourage all of my Super Kid’s families to talk about personal safety with your child to reinforce what we talked about at school and to answer any questions they may have after our lessons together.

A big thank you to one of our Super Kid’s mom for treating us to freezies on Friday!  It helped us beat the heat. 🙂


Design Process Testing

We were waiting for the perfect day to test our solar ovens and it finally came on Thursday.  The sun was out, there was little wind, and the kids came in pumped to test their designs.  We headed outside in the afternoon and decided together that the front of the school by our classroom window would be the ideal spot to conduct our experiment.  Just as we were about to start a construction crew began jack hammering the concrete in front of the school!  Not discouraged at all…we just talked louder and thought it was funny to yell at each other to be heard.  I think the crew took pity on us, and they decided to take a coffee break while we were outside.  Of course we waved and thanked them.


We set a timer and recorded what we saw on our clipboards.  The chocolate melted very fast!  The students used mirrors, magnifying glasses, reflective CDs, and even a black sweater to attract the heat and light from the sun.


It took less then ten minutes for the marshmallow to get soft and we had to try our s’mores!


The class loved their sweet treat and testing their designs!

This week we started our research project on an animal that you might see camping.  We used the Pebble Go website to find out about their habitat, food, appearance, and life cycles.  Mrs. Haine’s class joined us for an unexpected visit when one of their classmates got sick and they had to leave the room.  They joined a Super Kid and started researching together.  In fact they stayed with us until recess just because they were enjoying the process. 🙂

It’s been a hot week in Winnipeg and the forecast is for more heat this week.  Remember your water bottles, hats and sunscreen Super Kids!