Welcome Back!

We’re back! The Super Kids classroom is back and picking up where we left off.  The kids were so excited to share their holiday stories with their classmates.  We started our first day back last week with a “find a friend” activity.  This helped us share our holiday stories and find friends who did similar and different thing then we did.

We started our inquiry unit on space this week.  We began by exploring the natural patterns that occur with a focus on daily and seasonal changes.  Through experiments with flashlights, YouTube clips, and books, we learned that the sun is the centre of the universe and we orbit around it.  Many students pointed out that the sun moves in the sky, but the Earth is actually moving!  This was mind blowing to some Super Kids.

One “wonder question” from a student was, why does the moon change shape in the sky? This lead to our discussion of the moon, how it orbits around us, and why it looks different every night. This lead into many discussions about the time it takes to orbit and how long a year, month, and day is really how long these orbits take.

Today is the first day of the moon cycle, which means it’s a new moon.  Each day we will observe the moon and recording it in our moon log during morning work. I encourage you to takes some time and notice the changing moon throughout the next few weeks.  Each morning we will use an app to observe what the moon will look like that night since not all students will have a change to see the moon every day.  This afternoon was a beautiful day to explore that a new moon is actually is a shadow!  We headed outside and used a large cut out circle as our Earth to cast a new moon onto our cut out moon on the snow.  By moving the “Earth” we created the moon phases!  Thanks to our learning buddies for helping us with this activity.  Of course after the experiment we had to cast silly shadows in the snow! One Super Kid decided to create her own diagram to show orbits during centre time.  Another student created his own spacesuit!



YouTube clips of the Apollo 11 launch, a Space Shuttle launch, and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station, have helped spark our curiosity.  We even read Commander Hadfield’s book.


Using the Pebble Go website we have started to learn about other space objects such as planets, meteors, comets and much more.  The class will be starting their own research projects soon using the website and theme books.


Confession time….Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh is my favourite painting.

On Monday we read several books about Van Gogh and examined Starry Night.

What did we see?  Why does the tree have no leaves?  Why is the tree so big and the town is so small?  How did Van Gogh show movement?  The kids loved the painting and wanted to know about the time that I saw it.  I went to see it at Museum of Modern Art in New York a few years ago.  After taking a picture of myself by the painting my purse bumped the frame and the painting wobbled on the wall!  The security guard yelled at me and I was mortified.  After the class giggled I told them that the painting is actually smaller then I thought it would be and that the paint is so thick.  We used shaving cream, watercolour, and pastels to create our own versions of Starry Night.  I hung up the completed projects today and forgot to take a picture of them all together after they were podged and some glitter was put on the sky. I’ll add the picture to our next post. Below are some work in progress pictures.


The Super Kid astronauts have started designing a classroom spaceship and control center!  Some furniture might need to be moved around, but the class is determine.  Stay tuned!


Math groups this week helped continue to develop our number sense.  Activities included place value race, subtraction spinning, the game ZAP, and dice games that used three dice addition.

Two of my amazing girls came to school with these shirts on today and I just had to take a picture of them.  “Mrs.Didyk! Look at my shirt! We do STEM and now I have it on my shirt.” They really will run the world!

Tomorrow evening is our school’s official opening.  This seems to confuse my inquisitive students because many told me today that everyone should know that we’ve been an open school since September! After explaining it was a chance for people to see our amazing school and to show them how lucky we are to get to come here everyday, the class seemed to understand.  You have to just smile! 🙂