Festival Du Voyageur, Shadow Charades, and The Olympics

This past week, our school celebrated Festival Du Voyageur with some whole school activities.  What is the Festival Du Voyageur? It’s a local festival that celebrates the French culture and history in Manitoba. Festival games were a highlight.  The kids loved leg wrestling, arm wrestling, sled races, tug of war and much more!


Festival crafts with our 5/6 buddies, a pancake lunch, and bannock making kept us busy all week!


We ending our week with a special concert with the band “Ca Claque”.  We all couldn’t just sit and listen!  We had to dance. 🙂



Our classroom had a wonderful time watching and learning about the Olympics over the past few weeks.  The class enjoyed watching Team Canada each morning.  The Super Kids came in each morning eager to see what happened while they were sleeping.

Each morning we would check the medal count, watch highlights, and made our own newscasts!  We tweeted them out and caught the attention of   Team Canada.  Our first few videos got a lot of views, but before long, we had over 12,000 views and supportive comments from all around the world!  The kids think they’re famous.  Check out some of our newscast below.




Our focus on shadows during our space unit and the Olympics inspired sports shadow charades with Mrs. G’s class.  We mixed the classes up and gave each group a sport that they acted out using our shadow theatre.  Can you guess our sports?  Check out the pictures and videos below.





What a week! 🙂


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