Winter Break Is Here!

Well, we made it.  Winter break has come.  The Super Kids are so excited to get to spend a few weeks with their families and friends over the holidays.  This past week has been spirit week at our school.  Twin day, sports day, holiday sweater day and even PJ day kept us busy. 🙂


Our winter concert was last week and our class along with Mrs. G’s class performed “A Million Dreams” from “The Greatest Showman”.  It was a great way to finish up our inventions unit by sharing that we all have dreams for the future and a “world that we can design”.  They sang beautifully.  I have to admit every time we practiced in our classroom I would tear up.  It’s a great song, but sung by our amazing kids just makes it so special!


We also welcomed a Super Kid’s mom, Cheryl Lashek, to our classroom to talk about being an engineer.  She shared that she became interested to being an engineer after one came to talk to her when she was in school.  Sharing the story of why engineers wear a metal ring on their pinky finger stuck with the Super Kids.  Some made rings for themselves at center time since they are “engineers and designers”.  Others eagerly came in to class so excited to share that they saw a person with a metal ring and told them they knew what it was.  You made an impact Cheryl.  Thank you.

This week our class continued to develop our number sense with holiday themed math centers.


Our 5/6 buddies from Ms. Englot’s class came to our room for a visit and to make graham cracker houses.  Most went on the houses, but some just got eaten.  Both classes had a blast!



Together we made a special gift for our families…snow globes.

Today was the last day of school before winter break.  It was PJ day, hot lunch, early dismissal, and our toy share day.  Oh, and we had phys. ed and music.  You couldn’t have put anything else into our schedule!  The Super Kids wrapped up their toy inventions by sharing their creations with the other classes that were also participating in this project.  All four grade 1/2 multi-age classes along with the 2/3 class spent the morning going to each others classes to explore and explain each others inventions.  Having an audience for our projects helps the students celebrate their accomplishments.


Happy Holidays to our blog followers.  We’ll see you in the new year!



Field Trip and Coding Week

The Super Kids took an exciting trip to the Manitoba Museum last week with the other 1/2 multiage classes.  We explored the science gallery, participate in a program about states of matter, and explore the hockey exhibit that is temporarily at the museum.  It was nice to leave the school and exploring together.  The kids had a blast!


The temporary history of hockey exhibit at the museum fit perfectly into our classroom study on the invention of hockey, the hockey stick and of course the goal mask.  The kids got to try on equipment, complete a bingo card that had them searching for things like Olympic goal medals, and even got to see one of the first goal masks used.


Thank you to the two parent volunteers that came with us.  Playing games with us a lunch, helping us find items for the bingo, and just spending time with us was much appreciated.  🙂

A couple of days before we went to the museum we were lucky to be able to examine some professional goal masks.  Thank you to the University of Manitoba woman’s hockey team and the Winnipeg Jets for loaning us to masks.  If you’re wondering…yes I did try them on. 🙂

This week many of the classrooms in our school are participating in “Hour Of Code” which promotes coding education in elementary schools.  Our class spent time learning how to code with the help of the app “Kodable”.  Not all coding has to be electronic.  The Super Kids coded their friend’s movements and created a code for an escaping gingerbread man.


The Super Kids have been busy learning new math games during guided math time.  Small groups work with me on specific math skills while the rest of the students work on developing number sense skills.  Math centers have included a dreidal game, math apps, Sum Swamp, and subtraction games.


Thank you to those families that sent in toy flyers and catalogues for us to use for our toy research.  Students discovered that the toys they were cutting out could be put into different categories such as building, things that move, and instuments.  This activity helped the kids decide what they wanted to design for their toy.  Stay tuned to see what the kids come up with.

We are looking forward to our winter concert next week.  We have been busy practicing in music class and in our classroom with our friends from Mrs. G’s class.  We hope to see you there.