Back In The Swing Of Things

The Super Kids are back in the swing of things.  We all had a great vacation with our families and are back eager to learn.  I want to thank one of the Super Kids and his family for taking “Jeff” the fish as a holiday guest over the break.

Our first two weeks back were spent getting back into our routines, establishing math and reading groups, and diving into our ecosystems unit.


We welcomed a new Super Kid into our classroom from Hong Kong!  The class was thrilled to have him join us and he’s made himself at home in just a few days.

This past week we looked at maps of the world and a globe and discussed the different continents and their climates.  Why is it hotter around the equator?  What are some adaptations animals make to live in their habitats?  Why are most of the rainforests in the world found around the equator?  What kind of animals live there?  The kids are full of questions so we’re tackling them head on and answering them together.

Why do snakes wrap themselves around trees? This question from one of the Super Kids inspired our first art lesson of the new year.  It took all week, but after looking at books about snakes, sketching, using pastels and paint, we have our amazing snakes.


Explorations have started in our school.  Teachers and staff have created sessions for kids focusing on a variety of subjects that kids signed up for.  Over the next 4 weeks kids will explore these topics with students from both the English and French programs in our school.   Some activities the Super Kids are involved in are gardening, cooking, art activities, wrestling, drama, and board game making.

I partnered up with a colleague and offered “Harry Potter STEAM”.  With the books and movies as inspiration, we set the stage in my colleague’s classroom with lights and music, made wands, and practiced spells.  This week we’re making potions!


IMG_classroom Harry Potter video

When you get to borrow a light machine, you have to use it for your movement break too!

We wish everyone a happy new year!