What A Year

With one more day to go in the school year, I wanted to take the time to thank the families of my students.  It has been an honour to spend the day with your children.  I have the best job in the world!  I get to go to work each day and watch kids discover that they can take a risk, try new things, make mistakes, create friendships, and develop their love of learning.  What could possibly be a better way to spend my day?  To those families with students who are moving on into other classrooms, I wish them all the best.  Once a Super Kid always a Super Kid.  To those families with children that will be returning to my classroom in the fall, I look forward to spending another year with you.

Take a peek at a few pictures from our last week together.


Red Carpet Premiere of our extreme weather reports.


Bubble Day – Summer Stem Activities (Can You make your own bubble wand?)

Watermelon Math and Science Activities

Have a wonderful summer! 🙂

June And Going Strong

How is it June already?

June has been a busy month full of school activities, a field trip, special assemblies, and even a Lip Dub.  It seems like a blur to be honest, but we have one more week before summer break.

The Super Kids along with the other 3 multiage 1/2 classrooms took a field trip to Mini University.  Mini U is a program held at The University Of Manitoba for kids to participate in camps and school programs with a team building focus.  I personally worked for Mini U in the summer when I attended the University many years ago and I was excited to bring my class to the program.  We played parachute games, dodge ball, scooter hungry hippos, and much more.  With all that activity, many of the kids fell asleep on the bus on the way home!

Our school has an annual family BBQ put on my our parent council.  Families come armed with lawn chairs to help celebrate our year together.  Bouncers, a dunk tank, and even food trucks were there.  Thank you to the PAC for organizing another successful family BBQ!

The Super Kids were excited to make their dads a special gift for Father’s Day.

Inspired by our “Tree Of Life” art instillation, the class created their own trees in the Klimt style for their dads.  Dads are important to our family tree so we made the connection to our artist study.  The first step was to practice on whiteboards before painting our gold trees.

Next, the class slowly painted their trees and added Klimt inspired shapes.

Then it was time to make a BBQ rub called “Dad’s Grub Rub” and cards.


Our classroom tree was the first one to be installed in the hallway as part of the whole school tree installation. Each classroom created their own unique tree to go in our “forest”.  Plaques have been added by each tree to explain each classroom’s process and inspiration.


Our big question, “How does the world change quickly and slowly?” has wrapped up with the filming of our extreme weather green screen projects.  Students became meteorologists, used props, and explained their research in a fun and unique way.  Our interactive whiteboard became our teleprompter, the iPad became our video camera, and there you have it.  A TV studio!


Next Tuesday we’ll be having our red carpet event where our classroom and Ms. Rempel’s class will be getting together to view each others videos.  We can’t wait! Check out a couple or videos below by clicking on the links.





We were invited to an Earth Rangers assembly which talked about conservation, endangered Manitoba animals, and how we can help.  We even got to meet some amazing animals!


New math games in June…you bet!  We’ve been talking about Canadian symbols so naturally we started math games with Canadian coins.  Other games have a camping theme that review even and odd numbers, and 10 more/10 less.


If you live in Winnipeg you know that dandelions are a bit of an issue!  Have you heard of making a dandelion wish?  Well, we decided to make some summer dandelion wishes on Friday since it was the first day of summer.  We read “I Wish You More” first and got to work making our summer wish list.


In the afternoon each student created their own dandelion wish art.  We reviewed what radial symmetry is from our citrus art lesson a few weeks ago first and incorporated it into drawing our dandelions.  Then watercolour was added with a bit of salt for a special effect.  The summer wish lists are going to be glued on the back for families and taken home on the last day of school with a few other special things.


Check out our school’s 2019 Lip Dub by clicking on the link below.  Yes, that’s our Educational Assistant and myself with our class. I guess we didn’t quite get out of the shot!

One week to go!  Each day will be filled with some special activities including summer STEM creations, celebrating our green screen, a few surprises along the way.  🙂









Outdoor Classroom

Spending time outside together is a great way to get out of the confines of our classroom, enjoy the sunny weather, explore our surroundings, and gain an appreciation for our environment.  We are very lucky to have paths and natural grasses near our school that we can explore.  Last week we took the Super Kids show on the road!  Well, not really a road, but the natural trails outside.  We headed out with a scavenger hunt page, clipboard, magnifying glass, and a ziploc to collect our treasures.


Taking a close look at nature had us wondering and lead to so many questions.  Why do the geese land in the field by our school?  What animals live in the tall grass?  Why do rocks have patterns?  We took a rest on the grass and used our 5 senses.  I ask the kids to sit or lay down grass.  We looked up at the clouds and looked for shapes, animals, and thought up stories.  The class made the natural connect to our talks about cloud types and started discussing what kind of clouds were in the sky.  I then invited the kids to close their eyes and listen to what they heard such as bird chirping, tall grass moving, and the wind. Why do the clouds move so fast?  What kind of bird is chirping?  Can you make an animal shadow with your hands?  Questions, questions, and more questions.  🙂 When we returned to our classroom we had to take a closer look at our nature hunt finds.


Our school division puts on “Folk Dance In The Park” every year. This is a great way to get outside and enjoy a day together.  All students from grades 1-3/4  gather on one of two days to dance together.  Our music teacher teaches the class the dances and we head off to St. Vital park for a fun day of dancing.  Imagine 2000 kids in a park dancing.


Today our school participated in “Jump Rope For Heart”.  This is an event that raises money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and it was a beautiful morning to go through the stations set up by our school’s Phys. Ed staff.


What else have we been up to?

After reading “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak the class was given a STEM challenge.  Could they make a sailboat that could withstand a wind storm? Well, it was a fan on high.  It shouldn’t take on water or capsize.  If it did then they had to modify their design.  What did we learn?  Somethings float and other sink even if you think they don’t.  Styrofoam reminds us of a dock at the lake.  Styrofoam is a mess to clean up off the floor.  Thank you to our custodian for his understanding.  Play dough is a yucky when it gets wet.  Plasticine works better.  A sail catches the wind and makes a boat go faster.


Our art instillation tree inspired by Klimt’s “Tree Of Life” is complete and ready to go up in the hall with the rest of the trees that every classroom created.  We’ll have an art forest!


Math centers are always a hit!


The middle years students in our school are very talented!  They put on a musical called Lion King Jr. and we were invited to go watch.  It was amazing!  The Super Kids LOVED it!


We added another favourite book to our class collection.  It’s called “The Sad Little Fact” and it talks about facts being facts even if others aren’t ready to accept that something is real or a fact.