International Dot Day

Have you heard of International Dot Day?  Every September 15th students from around the world celebrate being an artist with the help of Peter H. Reynold’s best selling book “The Dot”.

The author Peter H. Reynold’s explained to us why he wrote this book and how everyone can make their mark.

The Super Kids came into the classroom with “Dot Day” activities set up!  Students did domino math and ten frame activities as their morning work activities.

We continued to explore dots all day.  We read dot books, learned about colour chromatography by making colourful dots, and created 3D dot sculptures!

The day ended with an epic rock, paper, scissors battle outside with dot hopping.

battle 1

battle 2

This week we continued to talk about how scientist observe and use their eyes to explore the world around them.  The Super Kids took a closer look at their eyes with mirrors and noticed that we have different eye colours.  They recorded their observations and graphed the results.  Then we conducted a few experiments with our eyes.  Looking in the mirror when the light gets turned off and on was so much fun!  The kids giggled when they saw their pupils get bigger and smaller.  Next we looked at how light is made up of different colours.  We’re beginning an art project with the colour wheel and our eyes.  Stay tuned…it has many steps and we’ll need a few more days to finish, but we can’t wait to share our projects with our families.

We also created our “Class Family Contract”.  After reading “Our Class Is A Family” by Shannon Olson and “Be Kind” by Pat Miller, we decided to create our own promise to each other.  We promise to treat our classroom family with kindness in mind. I just love when kids come up with their own ideas for this.  We’ll be hanging it in our room to refer to throughout the school year.  I always say to my students that we all make mistakes, but it’s how we solve them that matters.  Our “Class Family Contract” helps us with those times. 🙂

Take care and stay tuned for more Super Kid adventures. 🙂


Back To School

Welcome to the Super Kid’s classroom!  I am thrilled to be able to welcome students back to school after what seems like a very long time.  I’m happy to see a lot of my students back with me for a second year together and some new happy faces as we begin another year together.  To say that this is a strange time would be an understatement!  New protocols regarding distancing, masks,  class sizes, and school spaces have changed to way our school functions.  It definitely is a work in progress.   Unfortunately, we didn’t get to have our traditional opening day conferences where I get to meet my students and their families before the first day.  Thank you to all of my student’s families that have reached out to introduce themselves as they drop off their child in our line or sent me a quick e-mail saying hello.

This first week of school has been about getting to know each other, learning how long 2 meters actually is, and learning how to navigate our school with these new rules in place.  My kiddos have been great!  They are excited to be at school and eager to make new friends.

Did you know that we are all scientists?  On our first day all together after staggered entry, we headed outside to use our sense of sight to observe the world around us.  We used magnifying glasses to see our discoveries close up.  We spent time at the outdoor classroom sharing our discoveries before walking around to the front of our school to take a closer look at the fossils found on the front wall of our building.  If you and your family happen to be walking by the school make sure to take a closer look at those fossils. The Super Kids would love to share our observations with our families!

Number sense activities included making sorting rules for our friends to guess with buttons and playing race to 50.  Hands on math activities are so much fun and need to be tweaked to work in our social distanced environment.


Have you heard of an artist named James Rizzi?  He was an American pop artist that used bright colours to create his unique art.  This week we took a look at his bird artwork and created our own inspired by his style.  We made sure to give them big eyes like he did!  We used black pastels and water colours to create our vibrant art.

Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing my Super Kids on Monday for our first full week together! 🙂