International Dot Day

Have you heard of International Dot Day?  Every September 15th students from around the world celebrate being an artist with the help of Peter H. Reynold’s best selling book “The Dot”.

The author Peter H. Reynold’s explained to us why he wrote this book and how everyone can make their mark.

The Super Kids came into the classroom with “Dot Day” activities set up!  Students did domino math and ten frame activities as their morning work activities.

We continued to explore dots all day.  We read dot books, learned about colour chromatography by making colourful dots, and created 3D dot sculptures!

The day ended with an epic rock, paper, scissors battle outside with dot hopping.

battle 1

battle 2

This week we continued to talk about how scientist observe and use their eyes to explore the world around them.  The Super Kids took a closer look at their eyes with mirrors and noticed that we have different eye colours.  They recorded their observations and graphed the results.  Then we conducted a few experiments with our eyes.  Looking in the mirror when the light gets turned off and on was so much fun!  The kids giggled when they saw their pupils get bigger and smaller.  Next we looked at how light is made up of different colours.  We’re beginning an art project with the colour wheel and our eyes.  Stay tuned…it has many steps and we’ll need a few more days to finish, but we can’t wait to share our projects with our families.

We also created our “Class Family Contract”.  After reading “Our Class Is A Family” by Shannon Olson and “Be Kind” by Pat Miller, we decided to create our own promise to each other.  We promise to treat our classroom family with kindness in mind. I just love when kids come up with their own ideas for this.  We’ll be hanging it in our room to refer to throughout the school year.  I always say to my students that we all make mistakes, but it’s how we solve them that matters.  Our “Class Family Contract” helps us with those times. 🙂

Take care and stay tuned for more Super Kid adventures. 🙂


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