PJ Holiday Party

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Today was the last day of school before the winter holiday and of course we needed to have a fun day.  We decided to have a PJ day and bring our favourite stuffy.  After we introduced our animals to each other the Super Kids estimated how many blocks tall their stuffy was.  Then they measured them.  We decided to compare our friends by putting them in order from smallest to largest.  One of our Super Kids came in dragon pyjamas complete with wings and a tail!  He was his own stuffy, so we had to measure him too.

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Then it was time for a pillow fight!



We even read in the dark with flashlights.


We had a special snack and watched “Arthur’s Christmas” on YouTube.  The class has been learning about different holiday traditions on the Pebble Go website, and the kids noticed that Arthur’s friends celebrated different holidays in the video.  After lunch we opened presents and headed to the gym for a whole school assembly.  The kids eagerly joined in singing carols with the whole school.  We headed back to the classroom for some free choice time.  Some of the kids relaxed in the library corner and we even had a few that fell asleep!


I want to wish all of my Super Kids a happy holidays.  Enjoy time with your family.  Take time to play in the snow, play a board game, and eat cookies!  I can’t wait to hear all about your holiday when you get back in January.  I’ll see you in the new year.

Mrs. Didyk 🙂

Sled Races/Holiday Traditions

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Yesterday, Winnipeg got hit with our first heavy snowfall!  The kids loved getting outside to build forts and using our sleds.  Our Phys. Ed teachers decided to take the kids outside, since the older kids were having a dance in the gym.  When the kids saw the sleds and heard about the plan for sled races, they couldn’t contain their excitement.  I had to join in at recess!

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We have one more school day until our holiday break.  The Super Kids are ready for special time with their families and participating in their own holiday traditions.  Today we looked at the website Pebble Go.  The website provides many different learning opportunities for kids to explore science and social studies topics.  Today, we used it to look at different holidays celebrated around the world.  We focused on the five holidays celebrated in our own families.  These were Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, Diwali, and Ramadan .  Then we explored others.

One more sleep!

The Super Kids

Canadian Celebration

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We were so excited to help one of our own Super Kids today celebrate becoming a Canadian citizen.  We made Canada flags and wrote about why we like living in Canada.  Of course there was a big discussion about who is Canadian and why some of us are not yet.  One of our Super Kids had an amazing idea!  We made two lines at the door with our flags.  We did this so we could wave them and cheer our friend as he left the school at lunch. We were thinking of his family this afternoon as they had their citizenship ceremony.  Congratulations!

The Super Kids

Skype In The Classroom


Today was an exciting day in the Super Kids classroom!  We were able to participate in the Microsoft Global Skypathon.  We connected with my cousin’s kindergarten class from Moosomin Saskatchewan.  We learned about their rural community and they learned about living in a city.  Many of our new friends live on farms and raise cattle.  Most of them go to school on a bus.  Their town is only 3000 people.  The class couldn’t believe that they don’t have a McDonalds!  Thank you to my cousin, Mrs. McMullen, for connecting with us and helping us learn about communities.  What a fun afternoon!