The 50th Day Of School!

Happy 50th day of school!  I’m not sure if the kids were more excited or if the teachers were!

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We celebrated by having a 1950s themed day.  Students dressed up like kids from the 50s.  We had greasers, preppies, ponytails, rolled up jeans and pink ladies.  The class learned about how school was in the past compared to now.  We looked at the cars, houses, televisions, record players and the way people dressed.  The kids were fascinated by the small TVs and that they were in black and white!

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We started our morning by rotating through 50s themed math centres.

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In the afternoon we timed ourselves.  How many bunny hops, twists, bubbles, and hula hoops could we do in 50 seconds.

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We also invited the other 3 multiage 1/2 classrooms to join us for a sock hop in the community room. The kids loved dancing with each other, playing free dance, doing the bunny hop and trying ice cream floats.

img_0905  img_0902

Thank you to our amazing parent volunteer that came dressed up and ready to help.  We had a wonderful day moving and grooving to 50’s music and celebrating together!


Royal Art Work

This week we began our reader’s theatre plays based on fairy tales that we all know.  The plays are The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks And The Three Bears, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Little Red Riding Hood.  The class has been practicing with their groups and are busy thinking about props they can make.  It is wonderful to see them so excited about working together.  We have been reading lots of fractured fairy tales thanks to Mrs. Z, our school’s librarian.  The Super Kids love reading fairy tales told from a different point of view.

pic3 pic2 pic1

After reading Robert Munsch’s “The Paper Bag Princess” we sketched our own royals!  We looked at the kings, queens and jacks in our card sets for inspiration.  The Super Kids started by sketching the crown and working their way down their page.  We talked about how to draw eyes and made sure to have all the parts of the eye that we learned during our science lesson on sight.  They focused on details and symmetry when creating their crown and cape designs.

img_0843 img_0842 img_0841

Once the sketching was complete, each student took a sharpie and carefully traced their sketch.

img_0850 img_0849 img_0848 img_0847

Next, the class painted their art pieces making sure to pay attention to the details they drew.  Our projects took two day.  The Super Kids can’t wait to share them with their families this coming week as part of our student led conferences.

img_0859 img_0858img_0860img_0861img_0857img_0856img_0855img_0862img_0863

Reading books and telling stories is my favourite part of the day.  My students eyes light up when they are engaged in a story.  I’m glad that they have shown an interest in classic fairy tales and get a big kick out of the fractured versions.

Take a little time to curl up with a good book. 🙂

Fort Whyte Field Trip

On Tuesday, our classroom went to the Fort Whyte Centre here in Winnipeg.  “The Fort Whyte Centre is dedicated to providing programming, natural settings, and facilities for environmental education.”  Check out their website at for more information about the programming provided there.


The Super Kids were thrilled to be outside enjoying nature and learning about how animals get ready for winter here in Canada.  We were very lucky to have a beautiful late fall day.  It was perfect for a nature hike with our leaders.  The class learned about hibernation, migration, adaptions, and super naps.  We looked for signs of animals getting ready for winter like squirrels nests in trees and bug holes in seeds.  We even listened to try to hear the turtles and frog snore in their hibernation.  🙂

img_0810  img_0809  img_0808img_0815  img_0806  img_0807img_0811  img_0802img_0823  img_0832

After our nature walk, the Super Kids got to see burrowing owls, groundhogs, turtles, snakes, and fish.

img_0830  img_0829  img_0817

There is a display at the Centre of many animals that live in Manitoba.  The students enjoyed touching their fur and learning about them from our leaders.

img_0825  img_0827  img_0828  img_0826

The kids loved to giant map of Winnipeg on the wall of the Fort Whyte Centre.  They were determined to find our school and we did!


We did all this and made it back to our school for lunchtime!  It was a busy morning full of learning and sharing what we learned at school.  The students were wonderful ambassadors for our school.  The group leaders comments on how well informed and respectful our groups were.  I’m one proud teacher!  Thank you to the three volunteers that joined us on our trip.  Your help was invaluable and very much appreciated.

Yesterday, our school had our Remembrance Day assembly.  All of our students were respectful of the occasion and the organizing committee put together a lovely tribute.  Many students from our class performed as part of the Island Singers Choir.  My Super Kids had many heartfelt questions and comments after the assembly.  I write this blog entry on Nov. 11th.  I want to recognize the importance of this day and thank all those men and woman who volunteer to defend our country.  Lest we forget.



Halloween Monday and Poppy Friday

As you all know Halloween was on Monday and the Super Kids were so excited.  Anytime you have a holiday party on a Monday, the week is usually very interesting.  Monday morning we talked about Halloween safety.  The class came up with great things to remind each other of.  Looking both ways before crossing the street, having your parents check your candy before eating it, saying thank you, wearing something reflective, and trick or treat with a buddy.  As promised, we played our Halloween math dice game and challenged each other.

img_0738  img_0739

After lunch the class changed into their costumes.  They were thrilled to share their costumes with each other.  We even had a parade through the school before going to music class.


The afternoon was full of Halloween themed activities and fun.

img_0755  img_0754  img_0752img_0757  img_0744 img_0743  img_0753  img_0745  img_0748

This week many of the students wanted to use the left over plasticine from our dioramas, that I hadn’t returned to the art room yet, during centre time.  They started creating a three little pigs scene and acting out the story.  That got me thinking and before you know it we were reading different fairytales and different versions told from different points of view.  We changed our tent to a castle and are looking for a very large box to make our own castle.  If you have one let us know. 🙂  The class is asking to do plays so I guess we’re heading in that direction.  I love when students direct our learning.  The trick is to recognize their interest and set up learning situations to help foster that interest.  I’m looking forward to seeing where we go together.

Remembrance Day is fast approaching, so on Friday we talked about why people wear poppies in November.  We discussed how they’re made, why they’re made, where you can get them, and how the money goes to veterans and their families.  As you can imagine, there were many questions and your child might have many for you on the topic.  I find this topic difficult to explain to my class of 5-8 year olds.  The concept of war is very big so the only way I know to explain it is to relate it to our playground.  We discussed how the world is like a playground.  Sometimes you get along with others and sometimes you have disagreements.  It is how you solve those problems that is important.  You have to us your words and listen to each other.  Sometimes countries can’t use their words or compromise.  They fight each other and Canada’s role is to try to help keep the peace and help those countries talk.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.  One Super Kid said that the world leaders need to come to our school to learn how to talk to each other and use our classroom peacemaker book.  🙂

We then learned about the artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

unknown-2  unknown-3

She was an artist who looked at object close up and created wonderful pieces of art.  She is famous for her flower pieces.  Several of them are of poppies.

unknown-1 unknown

We created our own poppy art inspired by Georgia’s work and in honour of Remembrance Day. They are hanging on the large bulletin board in the hallway.

img_0772  img_0776 img_0775  img_0774  img_0782  img_0781


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Winnipeg is supposed to get to 18 degrees celsius today! No one told mother nature that it is November yet. Usually it is cold and maybe snowing.  SHHH…don’t tell her!  🙂