Our School Exhibition

When our staff came together last year to open our new school it was decided that our second parent conference/celebration of learning would be in a form of an exhibition.  The idea originated from a documentary that we watched on our staff retreat after we all found out that we got our new positions at the school being built.  As you can imagine we were a bunch of teachers from different schools, divisions, and backgrounds coming together to start a new adventure.  Some of us knew each other from working together before, but most were new faces.  We all wanted to start something special and the documentary called “Most Likely To Succeed” about a school in California was a jumping off point.  The documentary shows how the high school values an audience for their students learning with an exhibition night.  What would this look like in an elementary school?  That was the question…

At the end of last year my neighbourhood colleagues and I got together to talk about our overall plans for the exhibition with an overall theme that connected us all. We had gone through our first exhibition night and it was well received.  What were we going to do next?  As we talked that day in June about our overall thoughts, we discussed how having a direction was important, but ultimately it was up to the students to lead us and we weren’t sure exactly how it was all going to turn out.  That is the exciting part of this process.  We shouldn’t know. As the year progressed we would come together several times to talk about our progress and encourage each other along the way.  Our overall theme for the year has been “Where you live affects how you live”.

The first term of the year our class focussed on Canadian Inventions.  How they helped Canada be smarter, kinder, bigger, and smarter.  Why they were invented with a focus on the environments where they were invented.  This involved our social studies and science curriculums along with so much more.  This focus was a great opportunity to lay the foundation for our next inquiry.  “How does where you live affect how you live in different parts of the world?”  Each classroom transformed into a different world biome!  Our classroom studied tropical rainforests of the world while other classrooms learned about the savanna, arctic, coral reef, deep ocean, boreal forest, cordillera, and fresh water biomes.


The three month study into tropical rainforests focussed on animal adaptations, had students as researchers, dove into the water cycle, art projects, math word problems, science experiements, drums, rainsticks, and lead to the class sharing a reader’s theatre of “The Great Kapok Tree” for other students and their families.  It was quite the adventure that all lead to our school exhibition evening last Thursday night. The past few blog posts document our steps that led to our exhibition.  To say the kids were excited would be an understatement!  They were thrilled to share all that they learned with their friends and families!




Each family got a biome bingo card to lead them through the different biomes in our neighbourhood.


The school embraced the night and families were encouraged to explore the whole school.  Classes created human rights exhibits, focussed on Manitoba habitats, alien inventions, and so much more.

What do you do when you’ve had a huge night at school with all of your students and their families celebrating their work? Friday was a day of games!

epic rock, paper, scissors


Spring Break has finally come!  I hope everyone is enjoying their well deserved break.  I’ll see you back at school on Monday.

Always Learning!

Today was an exciting day for the Super Kids!  We went to the Assiniboine Zoo here in Winnipeg.  It was a bit chilly this morning with the temperature around -26C with the wind chill, but we put on our ski pants and hopped on the bus.  We went to learn more about rainforest animals by participating in a zoo classroom program.  We saw an ocelot, squirrel monkeys, poison dart frogs, toucans, and even a family of gibbons.  I think we surprised our zoo leader with how much we already knew!


After our rainforest adventure at Toucan Ridge, we heading for lunch in the indoor play park.  Of course, once the kids had their lunches, it was time to have some fun in the play park.  I even climbed up the structure with the kids and slid down the slides.  I’m still surprised I fit!


We explored the zoo a bit on our own before heading back to school.  We saw snow leopards, a tiger, polar bears, wolves, and seals!  Thanks you to the two volunteers that joined us on our adventure!


Check our the future zoologists in the video below.


At the end of February our school celebrated “Festival Du Voyageur”.  In Winnipeg, French culture and history is celebrated for 2 weeks each February with a festival. Our school recognizes this event by celebrating the French culture in many ways.  We had an indoor and outdoor activities organized by our Phys Ed staff, a pancake lunch, classroom activities, and a concert to wrap up the week.  Mme. Chantal, an education assistant, that works in our classroom, volunteered to read some of our favourite Piggy and Elephant books to us in French.


Our school’s exhibition is coming up really fast!  The Super Kids are so excited to share what they have learned with their families.  Our rainforest inquiry study has completely taken over our classroom!  We have rainforest plant terrariums, drums and rainstick, a giant kapok tree in the middle of our room, a 3D bulletin board showing the layers of the rainforest, the water cycle on our window, research projects, art work and so much more.  We have been busy practicing our reader’s theatre play of “The Great Kapok Tree”.  If you haven’t read the book before I have attached a link it below.

Check out the pictures below showing our process through this journey.

 Making drums


Measuring felt for our tree

   Making our tree

  The Kapok Tree
  Rainforest products


Throughout this process we created several art pieces with rainforest and jungle themes.  The book “Mr. Tiger Goes Wild” has become a class favourite. After reading it the kids made their very own Mr. Tigers! Check out the author, Peter Brown, introduce his book below.

With a direct drawing lesson, each student painted their own Mr. Tiger with a bit of personality. 🙂


The Super Kids learned about the famous artist, Henri Rousseau.  He was a French artist that loved to paint jungle scenes, but he actually never got to visit one.  We read a book about his life and then began the process of creating our own art pieces inspired by him.  The book link is below.  We are still working on them, but here are a few pictures of our steps so far.





Have you seen the book “The Good Egg”? It’s the second book by the authors Peter Oswald and Jory John.  Their first book, “The Bad Seed” is hit in our classroom.  When I saw that a new book was out I just had to get it for our class.  It’s a fabulous story that teaching kids to take care of themselves and it’s hard to be good all the time.  We loved it!  Check out the book trailer below. 🙂


Now you’re all caught up!  Until next time. 🙂