Pumpkin Centres and Halloween

The Super Kids have had a crazy few days!  On Thursday, we invited our grade 3/4 buddies from Mrs. Dutka’s class to join us for pumpkin math centres.  What a fun afternoon!  The Super Kids learned about estimation and circumference through these activities.  Of course we had to see if the pumpkins would sink or float.  The Super Kids even measured their buddies with pumpkins.

IMG_7919 IMG_7920

Today was our Halloween party.  The kids came into the classroom excited and ready to party!  After lunch the kids changed into their costumes and it was time to get our party started.  We had special Halloween centres set up that the kids cycled through.  Some favourites were the pumpkin tic tac toe, neon play dough, and witch hat ring toss.  We even listened to some Halloween music to set the mood.  We joined Mrs. Dutka’s class to show our costumes to our buddies and to have a dance party.  The Ghostbuster theme was a hit!  The Super Kids want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

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Yoga In The Classroom

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Sometimes we need a little time to relax and stretch.  Thursday was one of those days.  We had worked hard all day and it was Day 2.  It was the one day of our cycle where we don’t get P.E class.  We took off our shoes, spread out in the classroom, and put on the “Yoga Kids” video.  The kids instantly relaxed.  Going through yoga poses helps the kids with their balance and flexibility.  The class likes the tree pose and warrior pose the best.  Yoga books for kids will be in our classroom this week for kids to explore and try.


Have you made gak?

IMG_7860 IMG_7861 IMG_7865IMG_7863

On Thursday the Super Kids made gak.  What is gak?  It is a substance that takes on the properties of both solids and liquids.  We learned how to make it at the Manitoba Museum and we just had to try it ourselves.  The first attempt didn’t turn out so well!  We read the instructions, but got our teaspoon and tablespoon measurements mixed up.  You might think that I did that on purpose, but I didn’t.  It just turned into a great teachable moment.  We went back and problem solved.  The kids concluded that we measured wrong.  We started again and it worked!  The kids were so excited to mix the solutions together and become scientists.  One of the Super Kids asked,  “Do you always use math in science?”  I love how they are making connections, asking questions, and developing their sense of wonder.

Field Trip To The Manitoba Museum


Today was a  very exciting day for the Super Kids!  We went to the Manitoba Museum and spent the day learning and exploring together.  We were joined by two other multiage 1/2 classrooms from our school. What a day!  We started out in the science gallery learning about the states of matter.  We conducted experiments and impressed our group leader with what we knew.  Then it was off to explore.  Kids built cars and raced them, explored the mirror room, and pulled themselves up on the pulley chairs.

IMG_7828t IMG_7822


After lunch, we went to our second program of the day where we learning about our community of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We learned about how Winnipeg was settled, the Indigenous people who lived here and the first settlers to come to this area.  The kids were rock stars!  They made comments and answered questions with enthusiasm.  Next, we broke up into small groups with our amazing parent volunteers and we were off to explore our museum.  The kids loved the dinosaur exhibit and looking at the fossils of dinosaurs that once lived in Manitoba.  Another highlight was the Nonsuch ship that is found in the museum.  The kids were allowed to board the ship and learned that the museum was built around it.  The kids came back to the school exhausted!  It was a great day learning in our community.  A big thanks to the parent volunteers that joined us.  The Super Kids loved the day.

IMG_7839 IMG_7833


Root Beer Float Science


When is the last time you had a root beer float?  The Super Kids had a yummy science time today.  As you know we have been learning about the states of matter in science.  Today we got to see all the states of matter in one yummy treat…a float!  We talked about the properties of each state of matter and made our predictions before adding the root beer to the ice cream.  We also had 7up for those who didn’t like root beer.  You should have heard the excitement when we combined them!  One kid said “That’s gas!” when they saw the bubbles.  Take some time this weekend and try a float…you’ll feel like a kid again.

IMG_3346 IMG_3345

Have a super weekend!

The Super Kids

Reading and Teachable Moments

IMG_7785 IMG_7786









Today was one of those days where it all seemed to click!  Each day the class does what we call “Buddy Reading”.  The Super Kids take a book home each day.  They return it the next day and read it to a buddy.  They then read their word cards to each other.  Both the grade one and grade two kids have word cards.  They are so excited to read to each other!  The grade one kids are fascinated by the grade two kid’s reading abilities.  The grade two kids are thrilled to help their new friend learn reading strategies.  Some students took it a step further and were practicing spelling words too!

I had to take out my phone and snap a few pictures of this process.  It has to be my favourite time of the day!

The kids broke out the mini whiteboards today when they finished their word work.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  They were drawing 3D shapes.  Of course this was a teachable moment.  We had to stop right there and talk about shapes.  Then they had to teach me how to draw a cube!






Math Centres!

IMG_7749 IMG_7750 IMG_7751 IMG_7752 IMG_7755









The Super Kids are learning and practicing math skills through math games.  These games involve many math tools like dominoes, dice, shapes, and of course our natural mathematical abilities.  We practice new math games together before using them during our guided math time.  Guided math is where students practice their math skills independently and groups cycle through working with me, Mrs. Didyk.  Students are divided into groups that are flexible and change throughout the school year depending on the math skill that they are focusing on.  For example, one group may be working on using a number line and another may be working on adding double digit numbers.  The Super Kids wanted to take pictures of these activities today to share with everyone on the blog.  They are getting very good and noticing activities that they want to share with you!

The Super Kids want to wish everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving”! Enjoy the long weekend if you are from Canada. 🙂

The Super Kids

Superhero States of Matter

This has been a busy week for the Super Kids!  We have been learning about the states of matter in science.  The kids are learning the similarities and differences between solids, liquids and gases.  We have acted like particles, conducted experiments and recorded our observations in our science journals.  Then we realized something.  Have you ever noticed that superheroes usually can change the state of matter?  Well this was an exciting topic in the classroom.  We decided to come up with our own superheroes.  The kids had to pick if they could be a super hero would they become a solid, liquid, or gas.  They had to come up with a name and what their power would be.  Some kids talked about changing states of matter, like Lava Guy.  Others thought that being a gas would help them be invisible so they could take cookies whenever they wanted.  We wanted to share a few of our stories so far.  These samples are from both our grade one and grade two writers.

IMG_7738 IMG_7739 IMG_7740


Of course writing isn’t enough for this topic!  We had to sketch our superheroes today.  It was so much fun!  After talking about the fact that there are no mistakes in art just opportunities, the kids jumped into the activity with lots of enthusiasm.  We wanted to share a few of our sketches with you.


Have a super day!


The Super Kids

Have you heard of EPIC?


Have you heard of EPIC?  It is a website/app that we are using in our classroom!  The Super Kids use it as a centre during our reader’s workshop time.  They can listen to books or read them.  Each Super Kid has created their own profile in our class account.  It is a free for libraries and teachers.  Unfortunately families can’t access our classroom account. I already contact them and asked.  There is a home version if you are interested in checking it out.  One of the Super Kids said, “Mrs. Didyk!  This is Netflix for books!”  She is completely right!  It looks just like a Netflix screen, but with books tailored to their interests.  Check it out if you are interested.  Nothing can replace holding a book in your hands, but I’m alway looking for ways to hook my kiddos!  They are so tech savvy.