100 Days and Counting…

Can you believe that we’ve had 100 days so far this school year?  I can’t believe it!  Every year my class celebrates 100 days of learning together.  Each year I like to switch it up a bit and have a different theme.  This year posed a few challenges to my plans, but with some brainstorming the “Escape Room 100th Day Challenge” was formed.

The class came into the room with decorations, 100th day bracelets and stickers, and a bag full of activities on each desk.

An envelope was at the front of the room with a QR code on it.  We scanned the code and found this video!

The kids were so excited to for this challenge!  The 100 minute timer was set and we were off. After each challenge was completed we opened the envelope that had a clue inside.  The clue led to a new envelope hidden in the room.  Each challenge earned the class numbers for the 100 chart.  Activities included secret code math, 100 exercises, puzzles, race to 100 game, building a pair of 100 day glasses out of the supplies given, building out of 100 materials, and counting how many of something you can do in 100 seconds.  Check out the fun in the pictures below!


Last week our school also celebrated Festival Du Voyageur.  The Festival is an annual event in Manitoba that celebrates the strong French culture in the history of Manitoba.  Our class learned Voyageur vocabulary and danced a jig every day when the whole school stopped, dropped, and jigged with a surprise announcement.  We also participated in a Voyageur whole school bingo.  We learned about Voyageur clothing and looked closely at the ceinture flechee.  This piece of clothing is like a woven scarf worn around the waist.  Many of the Super Kids choose to wear one throughout the week.  We then attempted some paper weaving as a class to simulate the weaving on the ceinture flechee.

Having snowshoed a few week ago, we noticed that the Voyageurs also used snowshoes.  Diving into our Arctic inquiry we also made the connection to the people of the North and how snowshoes are important to them too.  I challenged the students to design a pair of snowshoes using the supplies they had at home or in the recycling bin.  The class came with a bunch of supplies, ideas, and a lot of enthusiasm!  The Super Kids spent the morning designing their plans, talking about how to make something waterproof, and testing out their creations.  When something doesn’t work, the students had to rethink their plans.  Many realized that they needed some kind of a grip and made adaptations to their designs.  We then headed outside to test their designs again.  The class had to focus on a growth mindset through the process and many gave each other ideas and encouragement throughout the process.

Last week was full of critical thinking and problem solving. When something doesn’t work the first time, we think about solutions.  This is a HUGE skill to develop and the more opportunities kids can be put into that frame of mind in fun and exciting ways the better.

Oh and yes…I did turn the class into Super Heroes for our blog header!  I couldn’t resist.  Check out my boots! 🙂

Stay tuned for more adventures! 🙂

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