Happy Holidays!

This week was a busy one! Our class learned about reindeer and how they are also called caribou.  We became caribou experts!  Each student researched interesting facts about caribou using our favourite research program, read non-fiction books as a whole class and during guided reading book clubs.  We used ice and mittens to learn how caribou have adapted to their environment and even used milk cartons do show how their wide feet help them not sink in the snow.


After learning so much about these Arctic animals, we created our own art!  First we talked about what a simile is and brainstormed as many red things that we could think of to complete our sentence.  Rudolph’s nose is a red as a ___________.  Ideas included firetrucks, lava, a raspberry, and a cherry.

It was also spirit week this past week.  Days included 80s day, PJ day, crazy hair day, and ugly sweater day.


The Super Kids were challenged with two STEM challenges this week.  Each student created their own jingle bell lego mazes and a Santa parachutes.


Jingle Bell Maze Video_

I want to wish all of my students and their families a restful break and a happy holiday season.  I look forward to seeing everyone again in the new year.


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