Brrrrr! Its cold outside!

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This week has been really cold in Winnipeg!  We have had -30C with the windchill.    Talking about the cold and how we stay warm prompted this art project.  We were talking about how our class wished we had a cup of hot chocolate to warm up our bodies when we decided to make some art!  In math we are currently learning about 3D shapes and using our knowledge of the cylinder shape helped us draw our mugs.  Every cup of hot chocolate has some steam.  This prompted a talk about what steam is and why we can see it.  Some of our Super Kids even added marshmallows to their cups.  Our artwork is hanging in our hall and a few are finishing up their projects this afternoon.  Stay warm everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Brrrrr! Its cold outside!

  1. Kalina says hi from Mexico! She isn’t drinking hot chocolate this week- sticking to strawberry daiquiris! She will see you on Monday.

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